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PCB printed circuit board wiring process design principles
First, the basis of the printed circuit board
Printed circuit board wiring process
Third, the printed circuit board design, the basic principles of


PCB printed circuit board wiring process design principles Summary:
The type of printed circuit board:
In accordance with the purpose of the conductive layers:
(1) single-sided circuit board (referred to as a single panel)
(2) double-sided circuit board (double-sided)
(3) The multilayer circuit board
According to CCL different points of the base material:
(1) paper copper clad laminates: phenolic paper copper clad; copper clad epoxy paper layer
(2) glass fabric copper clad laminates: copper clad epoxy glass cloth laminate; copper-clad
Foil epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminate; PTFE glass fabric copper clad laminates.
(3) flexible PCB: flexible plastic as the base, used to do the printing cable.
Because of the simple structure of a single panel, vias, low production costs, the circuit is relatively simple, low operating frequency of electronic products, such as tape recorders, televisions, computer monitors and other board generally use a single panel.
Single panel production cost is low, but the largest single panel wiring design difficulty, because the wiring on one side only, routability than dual-panel, multi-panel low; limited available means of electromagnetic shielding, electromagnetic compatibility indicators is not easy meet the requirements.
Component package:
Element encapsulation refers to the the appearance when soldering components to the circuit board and the pad position.
Pure element encapsulation is simply the concept of space, therefore, the different components can share the same element encapsulation; the other hand, the same types of components can also have a different package.
Access to welding components, not only to know the name of the component, but also know the components of the package.
Components of the package is specified in the design schematics, can also be specified in the introduction of the network table.
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