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M/P Number OSP PCB
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Description OSP PCB
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PCB capability    
item detail technology material
1 Number of layers 1-48 Layers
2 largest size 864 x 610 mm (34" x 24")
3 smallest thickness 0.2mm (2 layers) / 0.4mm (4 layers) / 0.9mm(8 layers) / 1.2mm (10 layers) / 1.3mm (12 layers) / 1.5mm (14 layers) / 1.7mm (16 layers) / 1.8mm / 2.0 mm (18 layers) / 2.2mm (20 layers) / 2.4mm ( 22 layers) / 2.6mm (24 layers)
4 max. thickness 315mil(8mm)
5 max thickness of copper 19oz/Inner Layer: 12oz/Outlayers
6 smallest route spacing of inside layer 4mil(0.1mm) / 4mil(0.1mm)
7 smallest route spacing of outside layer 4mil(0.1mm) / 3.5mil(0.089mm)
8 smallest finished holes 6mil(0.15mm)
9 largest aspect ratio 12:01
10 smallest through hole and pad via: dia. 0.2mm / pad: dia. 0.4mm ; HDI <0.10mm via
11 smallest  tolerances of hole ±0.05mm(NPTH), ±0.076mm(PTH)
12 smallest tolerances of finished hold of metal ±2mil(0.05mm)
13 smallest tolerances of finished hold of non-metal ±1mil(0.025mm)
14 copper thickness of metal hole  mini 25um(1.0mil)
15 deviation of hole position  ±2mil(0.05mm)
16 tolerance of outlook route ±4mil(0.1mm)
17 thickness of resistance welding 3mil(0.08mm)
18 resistance of isolation 1 × 1012Ω
19 thermal shock 3 × 10Sec@288
20 angularity 0.5%
21 peeling strength 1.4N / mm
22 abrasion of resistance welding 6H
23 grate of inflaming retarding 94V - O
24 control of impedance  ±5%
25 smallest resistance welding window 0.05mm(2mil)
26 smallest resistance welding covered 0.05mm(2mil)
27 smallest resistance welding bridge 0.076mm(3mil)
28 surface arts and crafts Gold plating (electrolytic); Nickel immersion gold (nickel silver); Anti-oxidation; Aluminum (No Aluminum), Spray tin; Halogen-free; Carbon oil;Blue gum; Gold finger (30u''); Silver (3~10u''),Tin (0.6~1.2um), 
29 thickness of gold finger 0.76um max ( 30u” max )
30 V-cut and V-cut angle 30° 45° 60° ,tolerence +/- 5°
31 smallest thickness of V-cut  0.8mm
32 tolerance of V-Cut dimension ±0.1mm
33 molding method Routing & Punching
34 test voltage ±0.1mm(4mil)
35 E-TEST voltage 250 ± 5 V
36 production speed 60,000 square feet (Month)




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