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Image Manufacturer Number GTRADER Item Number Manufacturer Description stock & Packaging
  升序 降序 升序 降序 升序 降序 升序 降序 升序 降序
2GB~16GB TF SD 2GB~16GB TF Micro SD 2GB~16GB TF SD KingSton TF/Micro SD 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB REEL
GT-IC-0066944 THGBM5G5A1JBAIR GT-IC-0066944 TOSHIBA e-MMC~4.41α 200Mhz VCCQ(V)~1.70 to 1.95, 2.7 to 3.6 P-VFBGA153-1113-0.50-002
AP1506A-33K5L-13 GT-IC-0163489 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506A-12K5LA GT-IC-0163488 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506A-12K5L-13 GT-IC-0163487 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506A-50K5LA GT-IC-0163486 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506A-50K5L-13 GT-IC-0163485 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506AK5LA GT-IC-0163484 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506AK5L-13 GT-IC-0163483 DIODES 09+ T0-263
AP1506-12P5L-13 GT-IC-0163482 DIODES 10+ TO-220
AP1506-33P5L-13 GT-IC-0163481 DIODES 10+ TO-220
AP1506-50P5L-13 GT-IC-0163480 DIODES 10+ TO-220
AP1506-13 GT-IC-0163479 DIODES 10+ TO-263
AP1506-12K5L-13 GT-IC-0163478 DIODES 10+ TO-263
AP1506-33K5L-13 GT-IC-0163477 DIODES 10+ TO-263
AP1506-50K5L-13 GT-IC-0163476 DIODES 10+ TO-263
AP1506-12T5AL GT-IC-0163475 AP 08+ TO-220
AP1506-33T5LA GT-IC-0163474 AP 08+ TO-220
AP1506-50T5LA GT-IC-0163473 AP 08+ TO-220
AP1506-12K5AL GT-IC-0163472 AP 08+ TO-263
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